Tablet Coater A



Tablet Coater A:

Features of Namdar company tablet coater line type A:

  • Hygienic air conditioner with thermal break profiles and steel panels, three-stage air filter including HEPA filter, German fan plug with airfoil blades
  • Control of air duct dampers including inlet, bypass and outlet electrically with its angle display on HMI
  • Comply with GMP seamless welding standards
  • Single Axis Automatic Swivel Base
  • Iron miners with the ability to stir the tablet bed optimally to obtain a uniform and uniform coating
  • Automatic door lock to seal the inside to the outside
  • 10-inch HMI panel with the exclusive software of the famous company for tablet cover to control and display all the required parameters, automatic device operation, setting and recording device alarms, repair page And maintenance and recording of important device parameters
  • The hoses are not as visible as the old designs.
  • Pressure sensor with digital manometer and related controls that can be seen and controlled via HMI.

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