Closed system tablet coater

The Namdar machine-building industry company among the manufacturers of pharmaceutical industry machines in the region, as the first company, has succeeded in manufacturing and offering a closed system coater with OEL 4 with industrial capacity. This device with its special and unique design has provided many possibilities. Among the features of this device are the following:

  • Use special spray nozzles without clogging during the tablet coating process
  • Specialized tablet coating software as an operator interface, for a well-known company with many unique features
  • Ability to adjust the axes of spray nozzles as two separate axes with the ability to record and execute the process in subsequent processes
  • Ability to provide reports and graphs of measured parameters
  • Fully automatic device control with 15-inch HMI panel without direct operator intervention
  • Use Archimedes spiral baffles with the possibility of low capacity coating and also discharge to the last grain of the tablet as a guarantee
  • Using 3 jet washing machines to cover the washing of parts without blind spots
  • Provide output collector and filter box as BIBO
  • Provide approved documentation

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